NPS (Net Promoter Score)

On mobile, the chat icon gets on the way of 9 & 10 votes wrt feedback… (it’s a minor point but not sure if you’re aware of it)


Thanks, fix coming!


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@DannyJ awesome discussion material!


Reckon it would be useful if your alternative was be just… guessing. And I could see it a useful weak signal of intent once you’re at scale. But solid user research much better obv :slight_smile:

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The consensus is clearly that Jared’s wrong - the NPS is one of the most commonly used performance indicators - so if you have evidence he’s right, it would be great to see it!

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Thanks, what an unexpected (in a good way!) conversation starter.

As @anon2636484 says, Jared seems to misunderstand what NPS does. Reading that thread, he challenges the idea you could have a conversation with the customer based on the score and feedback. Not sure why he thinks that? That’s literally what NPS is for.

This is the tweet where it gets strange.



We ran the test because we are building a customer-centric company. For that, we have to do the instrumentation now, so we have a solid process by the time we have customers.

We still have to go through the data, but numbers look great. :pray:

There is some good feedback, which we’ll use to start conversations and explore more!

Goal is to continue to live up to this:



My grammar is terrible so not one to judge but I like the irony of a statement about attention to detail with a mistake :joy:, not sure where you got the screen grab from but I am assuming it’s supposed to say ‘best in class’?


Oops… Forgot to stop the autocorrect… “best in class” it should have read.


Am I the only one underwhelmed by mobile keyboards? :thinking: These products have access to everything I type (swipe), and more data, but they still insert ‘cab’ about every time I want “can”.


I never use my laptop anymore and yes I am constantly thinking ‘surely all these AI/machine learning advancements could be put to better use on phone keyboards and predictive sentencing’ :+1:


Well done to Monzo:

Wild but unsurprising that the average NPS of banks was +4! :frowning:

The quick test we did on Friday resulted in +67 for Freetrade, although that’s only 85 responses which we’ve had while testing implementation, so we’ll have better data.

Some of my favourite comments:


can’t wait for the App to be live and want to see Freetrade dominate this space.

Find the right balance between reaching perfection and speed of

Keeping up the good work!!! Looking forward to the launch! :wink:

Clone the team

This is amazing. All comments are shared with the whole team via Slack!


Also fair to say that many 0s for Freetrade could be simple due to the time taken to release the app, hence not objective judgements.


Given the definitions below, wouldn’t Freetrade be at least as interested in subjective judgements as “objective” judgments? If time delay wrt launch is significant enough for a potential customer to cast a low score then surely this is useful information that shouldn’t be disregarded?


Indeed, it was not the best adjective to use. The scores are not always fair and relevant to the question asked. Most likely those who put 0, are too excited and impatient themselves, otherwise, they would not have bothered to visit the page in the first place.

This while NPS would have been more relevant once the product is available, as the feedback will be more meaningful then.

I also love the way you contest everything, I started doing it at work myself recently and is quite nice to see others’ frustration to an extent :smile:

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There’s an tricky balance to strike here, of course you don’t want to just take everything at face value. But in my personal experience, assuming good intentions & trying to understand the logic behind what / people say / do, enables you to learn much more about how they make stuff work. And you find that at certain companies, people really are acting with good intentions.

Once you understand how stuff works, you can have much more constructive conversations, which ultimately means you end up in a position where you earn people’s respect & get to make those decisions yourself..

It’s not a question of drinking the kool-aid. It’s about trying to figure out why, rather than trying to shoot stuff down just because you don’t understand it.


Is this an indirect/direct comment wrt me? Just want to clarify this because I will have to respond if so.

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That is to the people that give 0s without stating constructive reasons. Relax! :grin:


I’m relaxed. I just see that’s he’s qouted your comment about me “contesting everything” so it’s a valid question. :thinking:

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It’s my advice for everyone & anyone who’s interested, who wants to have a positive impact in these communities & maybe even get themselves a job in FinTech :slight_smile: