NPS (Net Promoter Score)

This is great career (life!?) advice, in general, fintech or not.

We can always call out things that may be technically correct in isolation, but don’t really make sense in the context of the overall topic we are discussing.

I find a great question is “How do you think about X?”

X can be anything. How do you think about hiring? How do you think about building an early stage team? How do you think about an NPS score of 7?

The answers usually uncover the context the given company or person operates in, and how they narrate that context.

Also, you don’t have to be right, like, every. single. time. No one keeps score, but everyone likes when someone is kind and collaborative, and asks considered questions in that manner. I wish I understood this a bit better when I was younger.

Bottom line: understanding and asking considered questions usually works 10,000x over “contesting”. Hopefully this is not too abstract! I’ll get back to the topic now. :blush:


Exactly. Basically, people really, really want to have Freetrade. How do I think about when we get the odd NPS score of 4 from someone? That’s valuable. We are doubling down, launching this beyond the team soon, and scale as quickly as possible. We appreciate the sentiment there, and glad that’s the only sort of ‘development area’ we have.

Loving the NPS comments about patience, with scores of 10. A LOT of 10s were just rolling in as soon as we put the test online. Thanks for giving us a great NPS score, and our ambition is even better! :pray:


That’s all I wanted to know whether it was general advice (albeit off topic to this thread) or personal :+1:

When it comes to great advice, the topic is of no essence nor relevance :wink:


Not really… it’s best kept to either general chat or a new thread for all it’s intended for can see it if it’s so important. :slightly_smiling_face:

As a general rule you’re right. But I think it’s a bit soon (& generally unecessary) to start creating topics about forum etiquette. So I’m happy to leave this tucked in here where all the regulars will see it anyway. I’m happy to chat about this some more in DMs but now that the discussion (advice sharing) is over, lets let the thread get back on topic.