NS&I Withdraw Issues

Just wondering if anyone else is having issues trying to withdraw from NS&I? Eg… Premium Bonds … 3 days in 2 different browsers and 2 different devices… I keep getting kicked out at various withdrawal stages.

Will phone them on Monday … But I’m beginning to think it’s on purpose :laughing:

Government desperate to hold onto your money

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Worth waiting for the January draw at this point isn’t it @Optimisery ?


Only if it’s a big prize @NeilB :laughing:

It’s one of the tick boxes in the withdrawal ‘circle’ …asking if I want to withdraw after the next draw. I’ve been ticking ‘No’… Maybe ‘Yes’ is the solution!


Chances of winng the jackpot prize 1 in 57,837,067,198


Finally got my withdrawal request through today! Taking a chunk now and another chunk after the next draw.

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Different month, same issue… :sweat_smile:

I can’t even get onto the withdraw page without being logged out. 2 browsers/2 devices.