Nuclear Fusion ☢️☀️

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Forgive me for being sceptical but this is the same energy source that was going to be essentially free several decades ago! I’d love for it to happen but the challenges are massive and the sector is not without hype/fraud.

Where I come from being sceptical is good. Not only is good, it’s a requirement.

Plenty of news articles present it as the technology that is (always) 30 years away. I don’t think it will ever be free. Both the technology and the energy produced. It may allow for lower energy bills but I doubt it will ever be distributed for free.

If I understand correctly, building a structure with the ability to withstand obcene temperatures and pressures for years it’s hard, to put it lightly. We may never be able to build the technology to master it.

I’m not sure about fraud. Hype sure. But maybe it’s needed for the sake of keeping the research running.

Fusion as been often sold as the holy grail. If only we could replicate the sun’s reactions in a controlled environment we could master an unlimited source of energy, and distribute it for cheap. That seems to be the dream, the goal.

I don’t know if that goal will ever be achieved. The degree of difficulty seems to be so hard that we may be unable to achieve it. But try we must.

The articles I posted earlier bring the news of some advances. Things, however, still feel early stages and enormous amounts of further funding are necessary if we are to achieve the nuclear fusion goal.

In this respect, the involvement of Gates and Bezos in this race seems to be good news in my perspective. Such involvement, however, does not guarantee the success of the venture. But I do think it will help us get there.

Being a lay man (euphemism for ignorant) in everything about phisics and chemistry, I think I can see the achievement of commercial nuclear fusion for energy safety on earth to be of unparallel importance, but more so for the enourmously challenging process of making life interplanetary.

I hope we get fusion. Time is money. Money is time. Investing is time. The more and better the investments are, the bigger the gains in time. Gates and Bezos may be an important help to get us there faster, though that is not guaranteed

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Marvel Fusion claims its method, which uses lasers to trigger atomic reactions rather than magnets and extreme heat, will make the process commercially viable in a few years’ time.

“It’s a theoretical model, which is essentially a very large computer simulation, and then step by step it is being validated in an experimental campaign that started last year,”

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