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Early doors into UK cannabis?

Nuformix uses cocrystal technology to re-engineer the crystalline form of drugs.

The vast majority of drug substances possess physical properties that are far from ideal for development as a medicine. Consequently, drug products frequently perform sub-optimally and are not always best suited to the needs of the patient or the disease.

New Intellectual Property
Drug cocrystals are eligible for new composition of matter patent protection:

  • Cocrystal patents can be granted globally, providing 20 years protection for each new form created
  • Opportunity to retrospectively secure robust and enabling IP for molecules that have lost their protection
  • Circumvent IP barriers commonly used to prevent market entry (e.g. polymorph, formulation, dosage…)

Regulatory Advantages
Regulatory bodies treat drug cocrystals exactly as the pure drug:

  • Drug substance has new physical properties only – its pharmacological activity is unchanged
  • Therefore, drug cocrystals are applicable globally for both generic and abbreviated approval pathways
  • US FDA Guidelines, April 2016: Cocrystals are classified as analogous to a new drug polymorph
  • EMA Guidlines, May 2015: Cocrystals are treated as the same active substance as the original drug

Reduced Risk
Nuformix’s approach uses existing drug molecules, with a history of safe use:

  • No new safety data is required if staying within existing exposure limits, allowing rapid entry to both clinic and market
  • Existing clinical data better informs decision making in future development
  • Reduced time and cost of achieving clinical proof-of-concept and increasing success rates versus traditional biotech models.

Good research, I have added this to my personal research list. Voted! :slight_smile:

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Its copied from the web sight but I figured most people wouldnt bother clicking it. Very interesting stuff though, they have some big deals on the table and are owed a lot of royalties too!
Old video but good insight into this company very cool interesting stuff imo. Mentions treatments for fibrosis especially in the lungs, food for thought as covid19 can cause lung fibrosis. Please vote I would love to have a chance to invest before the price goes up.

they are on the upward at the moment would be nice to see this


Another bump hope to see this and more AIM listings on freetrade

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Bump up 24% today. Aim stock shouldn’t this be available on plus atleast?

We’ll look into this and give you an update.

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We should be able to give you an update soon.

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It’s coming next week, Owen.

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Good stuff thank you!

Moving sideways for a while. Is there anything on the horizon? :blush:

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