Hi Freetraders

This might be a really silly question but I’m a complete novice to investing in shares. I wonder if someone can explain the numbers to me. What do the numbers in brackets represent?

Welcome to the community. Where are the numbers that you’re referring to? Maybe post a screenshot so we have a bit more context.

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Hi Darren, welcome to Freetrade.

Have a look at some of the posts and resources in the first time investing section of the forum. There’s plenty of good resources there to get you started.


Hi Phil

Is the numbers in the green bracket. Underneath 172.19

Thanks for responding mate


That’s how much the percentage change is in dollars.

Here, a 0.53% increase in the share price over the last month = $0.91 increase per share.

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Ah right, brilliant.

Thanks for explaining, makes sense.


Thanks will do.

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