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The most innovative company in my opinion.

AMD also jumped 5% today so it seems like this is more likely general semi / logic design uptick than anything specific.

I’m not sure on Nvidia as I think they’ve made a costly mistake not securing TSMC wafers and having to fall back on Samsung. I’d like to take a position but I’ll probably wait a bit, I think RDNA 2 could make things a bit rocky for Nvidia.


You are late :joy:

As a potential new investor in NVDA, can someone just talk me through the benefits of the NVDA + ARM acquisition? I’ve done a fair bit of reading, but would love to hear the thoughts of the community on this too.

Thanks in advance!

There is a big trend away from CISC to RISC even in conventional computers and datacentres. How far this will go is up to debate, but for now it’s got a lot of momentum (Macbooks going to ARM, Microsoft ARM emulation, more ARM instances in datacentres). From this perspective ARM seems to be in a great place.

Ultimately it seems that logic design is going to be dominated by Nvidia, AMD, Intel and ARM’s customers. While logic foundries will be split between TSMC and Samsung (perhaps also Intel).

While Nvidia is leading in GPU it lacks on the CPU side (compared to AMD, Intel which offer both) so taking on ARM would be a natural way to get into the CPU space. Nvidia will have more control over the CPU space if they successfully acquire ARM, they will have control over the instruction set and could use this to their advantage. It also fits with their general plan of having all-things logic (particularly AI).

If Nvidia does mishandle ARM as well as risking regulatory backlash it could push increased adoption of the open RISC-V standard. It’s one thing to pay licensing fees and have over to control to the relatively neutral ARM but rival companies may not want to be beholden to a competitor (Nvidia).

I don’t love the acquisition, I’d probably invest in an Arm IPO but I’m not sure it has the same value here.


I don’t love Nvidia at this price, CUDA is basically the moat for Nvidia but it’s having to do a lot of heavy lifting to support the market cap right now and I’m not sure it can last forever.


(I’m long TSMC-AMD so I’m certainly biased against Samsung-Nvidia at the moment)


Nvidia is the darling of wall street.

Some thoughts from a ARK analyst about the deal.

How is Nvidia’s AR chip coming along?

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Today’s Invest Hub insight takes a look at Nvidia’s future prospects based on their latest set of financial results. The short version is, things look good but there’s a couple of potential roadblocks. Also be forewarned that I couldn’t squeeze in much on the RISC vs CISC battle here, so don’t be mad if that’s your shtick :slight_smile:

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Nvidia announced at the GTC China Conference that its CloudXR platform will support the Tencent Cloud platform, allowing cloud users to stream XR content to remote VR and AR devices.

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UK and EU to open probes into Nvidia’s $40bn acquisition of Arm



Still wishfully thinking we might get a chance at a neutral ARM IPO.


Nvidia to make ARM server chips. Up ~4% today, Intel down ~4%.


Has also been a similar-ish drop in AMD as well. Nvidia is one of my largest holdings, so seems good for now, although I guess the ARM aquisition could still go wrong. Also looks to be some sort of shenanigans going on with ARM in China which has potential to make things a bit more complicated.


Sadly, I only have 3.5% NVDA, but it’s definitely been my best performer, up 17.24% for me on my average price. :smiley:

The rest of my tech stocks have taken a beating today though.

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4 to 1 stock split incoming!

Predicted by 90% of analysts to fall to $470. Easy short money!