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Nvidia announced at the GTC China Conference that its CloudXR platform will support the Tencent Cloud platform, allowing cloud users to stream XR content to remote VR and AR devices.

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UK and EU to open probes into Nvidia’s $40bn acquisition of Arm



Still wishfully thinking we might get a chance at a neutral ARM IPO.


Nvidia to make ARM server chips. Up ~4% today, Intel down ~4%.


Has also been a similar-ish drop in AMD as well. Nvidia is one of my largest holdings, so seems good for now, although I guess the ARM aquisition could still go wrong. Also looks to be some sort of shenanigans going on with ARM in China which has potential to make things a bit more complicated.


Sadly, I only have 3.5% NVDA, but it’s definitely been my best performer, up 17.24% for me on my average price. :smiley:

The rest of my tech stocks have taken a beating today though.

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4 to 1 stock split incoming!

Predicted by 90% of analysts to fall to $470. Easy short money!

Got the official message in app today about that :+1:

and bug eyed turd on CNBC says buy this if it cones down 2%. How do they keep his dumbass on TV and give him a platform multiple times a day?

Tell us how you really feel @Afra

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I’m gutted I sold at 620 when it’d spent the previous week and a half struggling around 600.

Interesting to see so many people in here who are on amc forum too!

How many of you guys in here work for free trade?

People who work for Freetrade have their name highlighted pink

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Thank you


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I sold my NVDA on Friday. Took my winnings. I’ll re buy when it’s back at 500.