Nvidia (NVDA) 💻 - Share Chat

Wow, you’re holding out for another 150% growth after the share split? :rofl:

I’m pretty sad about the current price. My shares sold at 615 with a limit sell order I’d forgotten about and by the time I’d noticed they were already a long way up on that. :cry:

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Sorry if this is silly question but I’m kinda newbie to stock split.
Will I be entitled for Nvidia split shares for those bought after 21st June?

Not sure, but this indicates that you would do.

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Dropping a bit! Time to sell mine off to avoid a big loss

I agree I should have sold at 797.42 but missed out so won’t make a profit just what I put in, I am a newbie learning fast :roll_eyes:

4 to 1 stock split over night these stocks will be dead cheap tomorrow.


I wouldn’t classify 60X forward earnings as cheap, especially if you are already the market leader. I think they are great but they are currently valued around the same as Intel + AMD + Qualcomm combined.


A single share will be 400% less than closing today then.

You mean 75% less



Every 1 share is spit into 4

If a share is £400 it becomes 4 shares of £100

Same as dividing by 4 or 400%

You would still have £400 in stock but 4 shares instead of 1

I would expect more people buying £100 shares pushing up price
I would expect share price to increase over time as gaming and AI pick up and there’s the ARM acquisition.

I know there is a stock split but a single share can’t be 400% less, it’ll turn into negative territory


400% less is very different to divided by 400% :+1: but your points on the appeal to buy may be correct.

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Would it be a good time to buy when the market opens today? Or wait till the next couple of day?

Oh yes the new share price would be 25% of the closing price.

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Not sure I brought some more before closing.
But yes you want to buy at the cheapest value I would say opening.
I think there is some growth this year.
However, the main issue would be if there is more Bitcoin issues.

No guarantees

Funny, free trade haven’t corrected the price only the number of shares at the moment. Pitty the cell button is deactivated!


Can’t be that hard surely

I know its a-bit of a joke. Ive been waiting for this. I wish i withdrew the money and invested it on IG this time.
Least i learnt my lesson for the next stock split