Nvidia 🍟 💻 - NVDA

Definitely alternatives gaining traction then, makes it a bit weaker position (over the medium term) than I assumed :+1:

And up 1.3% pre market and tapped $800 :grin:



So what can AMD do to take a slice of this AI explosion? Does it have anything? And can it? I guess are two separate questions.


Good question. I have loads of AMD.
But is the SP just riding off the back of the Nvda hype

Sure it already is, they will do about $4bn in MI300 revenues this year. Intel will be shipping Gaudi as well.

Then you’re got TPUv5, Trainium, Inferentia and Athena from the hyperscalers.

The current situation obviously hugely favours Nvidia, but just I don’t really see a good case for Nvidia controlling such a big fraction of the pie (even if the pie does get a lot bigger) in another year or 2.

It feels the same as the Tesla situation, competition is here and margins won’t survive it, even if volume does.


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I don’t know if someone posted just wanted to share.

I’m gonna say … $920 by end of Monday :star_struck:

Hi all, I don’t post often. I own NVDA (and AMD). I wanted to know has anyone sold either with the stock rocketing? I’m sitting on significant gains and feeling nervous.

I bought NVDA mainly in 2015 and some more in 2021. Avg price $76.

2015 or 2016 I bought AMD - avg price $18.

Obviously both companies are doing really well from an earnings perspective, but when do you decide that’s enough and hit sell. I’ve never had a gain this big before lol.

Just want some opinions on how people decide.


I would check nvidias own stock page there’re differences in opinion on buy, sell and hold cjrrently(Wooops I thought we were on another page as I was half asleep lol, duh we’re already on Nvidias stock page). Myself I also posted a podcast by pension craft which is solely about Nvidia, AI, chips, the future, is it sustainable etc and much more interesting subjects.

I’m one of the people who currently don’t want to risk buying anymore until it falls back at some point if it even does, but people who know more than me seem to think it has to and is unsustainable but could still grow for the next few years until other companies catch up and or AI becomes normalised.

I’m sure the more experienced people on here will give you far more details than I can. I just thought I would add a little.

Good luck and hope they can help ease your worries.


when to sell indeed …
there will always be regrets when the SP goes to all times highs and you are out .
I have been trimming some of my NVDA and taking the profit, IMO i believe there is still more upside yet
my investment is currently 4800% up so :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
but until its in the bank its only a number on a computer screen
also taking profits before the capital gains tax amount goes down again :pensive:
still loads of FOMO with the AI bubble, we are still in a bull market, BTC going to new highs, Trump is going to be Prez again , interest rate cuts coming,
everything in the market is looking good
I did sell all my SMCI at $800 … :rofl: what an idiot


4800%, wow and there’s me worrying about 1000%. It’s a lot either way. Never had such a big gain. Think I need to sit, review the market and read up more before I make a hasty decision.

I have some other AI / semi stocks too, just feel scared if it all goes t*ts up. Lol.

Mine are in my ISA though, so no tax to worry about.

Thanks for the comments. Lots to think about.


Thanks, I’ll take a look at their page too.
Oh I won’t be buying more yet, prices are too. What was the podcast? What’s the link? I’ll take a look.

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companies with better valuation …
Google … Forward PE of 19 :star_struck:
Meta… Forward PE of 25 :star_struck:

and yet NVDA is still only PE 35 … way mor upside yet :money_mouth_face:

AMD is currenty at PE 59… thats high

‘Some investors have been scared to buy because they think the stock is too expensive, but that’s been a huge mistake’ :innocent:


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What’s a good PE? 25 or under?

15 - 25 could potentially offer a good return on investemnt in the long term
10 and under have to question WHY is it so cheap ? whats wrong ? :rofl:

US Tech trading at average PE of 41 with this year estimate of 47 so … whats cheap now :innocent: https://www.nasdaq.com/market-activity/stocks/tech/price-earnings-peg-ratios

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No worries and also sorry I edited my post I never knew we were on the Nvidia page already as I was half asleep as I wrote it lol but also my other post is only a few up from that but here’s the link anyway. Good luck