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Would this cloud business be considered brand new revenue? If so they could be looking at bolting 7-10x ARR in valuation.

While some of the technical aspect of the above go beyond my knowledge there is one thing I’m confident of. Your margin is my opportunity and Google have to find new revenue streams if AI if going to undermine their Ad business.

Do any of the traditional cloud providers have the compute to be able to offer anything here? I suspect not given AWS, Azure and Google Cloud don’t seem to come up in the conversation.

Yeah a lot of factors will likely push towards cloud compute being favoured for big training runs and heavy inference workloads.

Beyond the basic economic/scaling advantages it’s also convenient to be able impart governance/oversight when governments want to start regulating compute for training frontier models.

If I had to guess I’d say in ~3 years there is a vast expansion of spend on compute, but only the very largest labs will be using their own hardware. Also much more of that hardware will be specialised ASICs like descendants of today’s TPUs/Athena/Trainium/Inferentia. Most labs will then rent compute from AWS, GCP, Azure or Nvidia directly.

It’s already there, they just don’t break out the revenue so we don’t know exactly how big it is - they’ve invested a lot into it so it’s likely quite a big chunk.

This is basically the problem Nvidia face, the rest of the value chain (and I’d add the hyperscalers as part of that chain) will seek to capitalize or in other words:

Yea they all have their own ML ASICs and it seems possible/likely that Google cloud will have the largest amount of AI compute from their new TPU offering:

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Great company. But who wouldn’t take out a cheeky $42m to pay for the kids’ birthdays?!


From my inexperienced knowlage when a insider or ceo sells a junk, you better pay attention, but we all knew people were going to sell off and makes the bucks from the AI surge like most stock trading this one is obvious.

No need to panic. He had reported he would sell this amount back in March
Onwards and upwards to $600 :innocent:

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Loving this stock
It just goes and goes

…10 green bottles …
how are people feeling for earnings next week?

I am just sad that I sold half of my position too soon.

Never too late to buy back.
I sold out in January at $168 for a small profit
Then brought back last month at .$420
:face_with_peeking_eye: yolo
Don’t think I’ll ever make it as a full time trader :joy:


Earnings tomorrow
Will we smash €500
Will we break all the predictions

and NVDA smashes it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
what a time to be alive :heart_eyes:


Happy days! I don’t hold any directly but NVDA’s in the top 5/10 of SMT, ATT and PCT which I do own.

Hopefully, they’ll all see a bounce in the morning.

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You sold any yet sonic while the goings good :)))) get your rich swag on

not sold yet, but its close to my target :star_struck: have to get every last $ out of it
Did you buy back in ?

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No I never bought in, used it all on my steady efts and stuff. I currently don’t have enough spare cash for more stocks and as Nov pay comes in I need to use investing money for some Xmas presents because I just got slapped with a near £500 vehicle bill. More than likely now I start strong again in January buying in but won’t be at my maximum Allowence until Sep 2024 but I should defo see a tasty rise in my portfolio next year :slight_smile:

Why not buy people an Nvda stock for Christmas :crazy_face:
They would love it


Because everyone I know says they do not understand stocks, it’s a scam, it’s gambling, it’s a mugs game, the usual.

Know one around me or at work does it that I know of the only person that I have heard doing it in my work he dabbled in crypto, someone else I know his boss has 35k in crypto.

So yeah just shows how many people invest. It’s funny though they say it’s not worth it and bla bla then I say to them by the way did you know your pension you keep going on abouts fully in the market with standard life.

So you do buy stocks you just don’t know it you pay a manager to do it for you. :smiley:

Ps I tried to get friends and family into it and to stick with freetrade after I got them the freeshare saying it’s free money. I sounded like a sky TV seller trying to get them to just do it.

One person I got into it got addicted to buying but he kept buying and selling straight away and buying into mistakes I done but he then sold it all before his holiday stating its to risky I don’t see much returns.

I said that’s because you’re day trading and trying to make a quick buck.

Others in my chat have swayed people away from investing saying you don’t make money on it and that I have to come back to them in a year and show them how much I made lol.

So many Ignorant people out there or know it Alls that don’t have a clue but shout nonsense to others all because they lost money on it and didn’t learn from their mistakes.

The thing is if I had a shit ton of cash I would of came back at him my portfolio is up nearly £400 this month with a 5k portfolio so that’s not to bad.

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They need to teach investing in schools.
If I know what I know now. I lost 30 years of stock market gains.
I could have been the next Elon :laughing:
None of my family of friends invest
Even though I constantly post my trades and gains all over Facebook :blush:

In other news Nvda dropping ready for the moon shot into earnings

shoulda taken profits yesterday at €506
But :speak_no_evil:
Where’s the fun in that. Gambling on earnings

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