Nvidia 🍟 πŸ’» - NVDA

A bit of a pull back is never a bad thing.
Nearly all tech is being :poop: on a bit today.
Must have had too much coffee this morning
$SBUX is up today

NVDA TO THE MOON?! throwing big uns about left right and centre

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Bought in a few years ago and stuck! Won’t be leaving anytime soon :heart_hands:

Only bought a couple days ago, but looking good so far. Has anyone got any other stocks to keep an eye on or invest in soon?

Anything AI / chip related

Maybe a good look


Appreciate it I’ll take a look

I purchased I tiny bit less than a share of $ASML on the 2nd of Feb, and FT estimates a 7.5% gain already. Seriously regretting selling my Microsoft and semiconductor shares back in 2022.

bigger than Google, Bigger than Amazon … where will it stop ?

What’s that you say ? NVDA to $1200 :money_mouth_face:

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Incredible, you heavily invested in them?

Oh look! RISE RISE RISE. Earnings tomorrow price drops 40 dollars day before. Does someone know something? :thinking::upside_down_face:

Sensible profit taking i would call it, 6% is hardly a drop in the grand scheme of things, same with SMCI, both drops look like just in case sells.

That’s a shit load of sensible people all selling a shit tonne the day before still. I’m easy like you said it’s still well up but I do need to sell

Playing the NVDA earnings … what could go wrong :smile:


Let’s go. We are all winners :smiling_face:

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Pre market looking like 88 dollars higher than yesterdays close currently

Market cap now bigger than the GDP of Canada