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well what a kerfuffle that was :rofl:
had a bit of a wobble with $MU and their earnings, think people expected more. so chop chop chop for NVDA for a bit I would think
I saw a post saying this was just an AI bubble … :scream:
oh no this is just the start of it

when you a vying to be the biggest company on the planet… whats best to do?
join forces with the biggest company on the planet

on a side quest, I see in the topics people requesting trailing stop loss orders and after hours trading… its almost as if people want to do more than invest , even maybe trade? :rofl:


The reason I think it’s bubble is I’ve yet to see a killer app for this current generation of LLMs, they are essentially unreliable text generators. Useful maybe, but the basis for a multi trillion dollar industry? I’m not so sure. The biggest use case at the moment seems to be filling social media with slop

Thank you kind sir and yes still dabbling just need to get into the swing of things again after a couple of RL purchases and also I want a portfolio reshuffle as well.

You take care to Man who is Rocket :slight_smile:

Exactly. People are starting to see theres more to life than buying dull FTSE stagnant dividend companies.

T212, and premarket after hours talk is a no no on here. I got shouted at for mentioning such thing’s from a couple of people (the usuals) who see no value in it.

Oh and dont forget the poster above comment “I happen to find all this candles and options noise a bit tiresome given it adds very little value”

I dont know about you but these candles are adding value to my portfolio :grinning:.

I do see some juicy pullbacks though in a couple of months, NVIDIA possibility under $100. So in the meantime i will just play the candles “that add very little value” :smiley:.

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The fallacy here is the belief that AI is in a bubble based on the current LLMs.

NVIDIA isn’t in the business of creating Large Language Models they are a part of the building out of the infrastructure to facilitate AI going forward and thats what their valuation is based on. I believe we are at stage 1 of the AI boom, these “Killer Apps” come at later stages and often when the resources to build them are avalable.

But the current boom is based mostly on LLMs, that’s what their customers are buying the chips for. I think when people realise their limitations the bubble will burst

I will conceed that NVIDIAs cutomers are currently using the GPUs on LLMs but I suspect this will evolve over time when they realise what can actually be achieved.

I’m done with NVDA for now, I’ll park my pennies in T-Bills and have a couple of drinks. Welcome back Nvidia hero :chart_with_upwards_trend:

That because you think a rough ride ahead for them? Or just taken good profits and moving on for now

All the money … what to do with it … dividend ? Buy backs?
Only one way for the stock price to go :sunglasses:

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I have no clue what’s happened :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Pre market, low volume and there is resistance around $125.

Oh no ! its a calamity !
Hes selling !
He still has 800,000,000 shares left :rofl:


This is the end of you sonic it was a good run my son. :smiley:

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well Labour were gonna take it all in capital gains anyway so :rofl:



UBS predicts the AI industry’s revenue will grow at a ~72% CAGR from $83B in 2024 to $420B in 2027.

The AI “bubble” hasn’t even got going yet :blush:

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Some parts of the report are a bit questionable, I don’t want to quote huge chunks, so I’ve cut bits out, but the below stuck out to me on page 18.

The transition from the first (ANI) to the second
(AGI) phase has taken a long time, but when we
fast forward six years since our primer,

give us the confidence to
say that we are closer to the second AGI stage.

the recent progress of
AGI projects at leading firms like OpenAI (Project
Q* with reinforcement learning) and other major
tech platforms leads us to believe that AGI is
coming soon, though predicting an exact timeline
is extremely difficult,

They’re overhyping this a bit, the definition of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) seems to be different across the industry, with Sam Altman (OpenAI CEO) effectively lowering the bar on what would be considered AGI, some see it (AGI) as entirely theoretical still, an AI model would have to be indistinguishable from a human across a number of factors (and pass the Turing test) to be considered AGI.
It’s thought by some researchers in the field to be decades away (or more) - https://www.mckinsey.com/featured-insights/mckinsey-explainers/what-is-artificial-general-intelligence-agi

Project Q* in this case sounded more akin to something like AlphaGo.

The revenue figures seem duplicated in parts, like content creation being in AI advertising and Other AI
And the edge computing bit being more like moving revenue from one category to another.

A somewhat interesting read nonetheless, but it’s very much on the higher end of positive/stretching the truth a bit

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These seem to be creeping up nicely. $11/12 up in the last week

I’ll just stay quiet

I should think so too ! :rofl:

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