Nvidia 🍟 💻 - NVDA

Not one of mine other than in an ETF:

Crazy price action, this stock will fall hard. Forming a massive red flag pattern.

Only got 10 shares. But £2.4K up. Anyone else get nervous when you’ve made a a decent amount??!!


I beat myself up for not going with amd and nivida etc these were all on my list but never had enough cash to go around all my stocks.

Nvida is up 190% in a year which is mad, ofc driven by AI? I guess it’s a game now of who will sell before AI levels off.

P/E of 230% almost ocha

When I was wanting to buy in it was the 54 doller mark

Oh just noticed its my freetrade birthday today, so today’s the day I first started investing yay haha


Happy cake day @Kiava


Thanks Neil hehe

I loved nvidia when i was 18yr old. If i had gbp 20000 then when it was 1 usd a share it would be quite a return. Why dont they teach this in school.


Keep the poor poor. The rich dont want us all kmowing how to invest and make money.


But wouldn’t more people in the market make everyone richer and poorer more flow to play with

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True point

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will nothing stop the beast that is NVDA
IMO I cant seen anything that could, they cant supply the H100 chip fast enough
demand is off the scale, nothing can touch it
until the AI bubble bursts
expecting good numbers from the earning report later this week


Jealous I am, make me sad it do, one must suppress thoughts of envy it must.

And now ARM have announced their IPO this will push NVDA even higher
ARM will be valued higher than NVDA making them look cheap , in turn pushing them higher.
What a time to be alive :star_struck:

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Happy NVDA day :smiling_face:

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If you are a S&P500 investor you are benefitting. Nvidia is about 3% of the index.

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Good calls on the two stocks. They are good companies.

Nonetheless, based on my 30 years of investing I’d say that the logic you are using is nonsense. Alas, we can make the ‘right calls’ for the ‘wrong reasons’. A mistake which is nice to have happened.

Why is my logic flawed ?
Happy to hear other people’s thoughts.

The AI and chip revolution has no end in site
ARM chips in every smart phone
Over the next 10 years I see only one way these all go and that’s up


The ARM ipo will be overvalued, but the FOMO will push it higher only to give fuel to the other chip stocks

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To be clear I think both of these are good shares. But I am not making any sort of prediction about the long-term share growth of them. Very early in my share investment journey I realised this was mostly a thing that wouldn’t work for me.

To answer your question: Your logic about the price of one driving the other in a virtuous loop (forgive me if I have misrepresented your logic) is questionable. Their share prices don’t depend on each other. They could become dependent on each other but that would a different thread and story … which I don’t have the time for.

The rest of your message is a related but different topic and pertains to a market sector:

Possibly, but almost certainly not by the same amount. For me sticking a (big) pot of money into one market sector is a risk that I don’t wish to take - I prefer the whole market takes the view that a sector is interesting. I don’t mean that the trade journals say that it is interesting - I mean the major indices weight themselves accordingly. BTW, so many people have suffered through niche investment trusts and ETFs in this way in the past few years. And it has always been so, sectors come and go. Companies, no matter how prominent, within sectors, don’t all succeed (in fact the bulk of the rewards tend towards a minor number of companies in any given sector). A good business does not equal a good share price growth or income wise. But I think I have edged on to a different thread and better stop here.


Yeah I know I keep forgetting Tbh about my snp but still wouldn’t it have been nice to have nought into a company you have always loved. I was too late and now.

I can’t justify buying in right now due to it being risky that the AI bubble bursts and I get a sea of red.

Are any of you still buying in at current prices and rally?