OceanPal Inc 🚢 - OP

This company is a global provider of shipping transportation services through its ownership of vessels. It was previously a part of Diana Shipping Inc and completed a demerger in November 2021.

This stock i think can do well this year, now there back on track i wouldn’t be surprised if we hit $2 a share :v:

WTF 115% up in one day :exploding_head:

Did you have it before today @Craig3

Yeh i bought my first shares on the 25th of February at 50p, then a couple of days later at 48p an since then i added a couple more times at a average of 90p, but bricked it yesterday and sold half of them an put the money in to bens creek, what are your thoughts on them 2 stocks? Im still a newbe investor and learning :confused:

As a beginner, you should not invest in the riskiest businesses. These two you mention are some of riskiest stocks there are. Seems like you’re just burning your money currently. I’d advise for a hard reset and learning about investing first - starting with ETFs or massive blue chips.


Congratulations on finding a winner @Craig3 if you’re trying to invest rather than gamble then I’d stop while you’re winning. The dopamine hit from watching this rise was probably amazing but don’t confuse luck with skill - as @SebReitz these are two pretty risky stocks you’re as likely to have double you’re money has lost it.

Thanks for the info, bens creek is taking a bit of a beating today aswel

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Why did this stock climb suddenly and so high?

467.6% increase today this has got to be wrong

They did a 10:1 reverse stock split today

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