Oil ETPs

Would love to see Oil ETFs such as OilB:XLON on freetrade!


Seatbelts on everyone. Jolly good luck.

The price of OILB is based on a total return methodology, which means that the price comprises three components: (i) returns from exposure to ICE 1 month Brent crude oil futures contracts; (ii) returns from the roll yield (described below); and (iii) a collateral yield. A futures contract is an agreement to purchase a commodity at an agreed price, with delivery and payment to take place at a specified point in the future. Futures contracts are generally disposed of just before the term of the contract expires and new contracts entered into in order to avoid taking actual delivery of the commodity in question (a process known as ‘rolling’), so that continuous exposure to the commodity is maintained. The contracts being purchased may be more expensive than the contracts being sold which would cause an investor in commodity futures to make an additional loss. This market trend is known as ‘contango’. Alternatively the contracts being purchased may be cheaper than the ones being sold which would result in an additional gain, known as ‘backwardation’ . This price difference is commonly referred to as “roll yield”. As the roll yield is incorporated into the pricing of the ETC, it may therefore have a positive or negative impact on its value depending on whether the relevant futures market is in contango or backwardation.


Yeh I’ll sit that one out.