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Yeah I prob saw the same TikTok about the IPO! Tbh I didn’t even realise it wasn’t already offered given how huge a brand it is. Glad it’s going to be available on FT :ok_hand:


Patiently waiting for shares to drop into the secondary market…. Hopefully will happen sooner rather than later!

What’s crazy is the company is huge in terms of salons and “if you know, you know” but in the grand scheme of things, they are tiny and just at the begining of what I imagine will be a prosperous long future.

With their patents I confident they will be laughing. Give them 10 years and every household will know / own the product same way they do with Moroccan Oil


Nothing on WeBull yet so I’m not sure how far ‘behind’ FT are, if at all!

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Exactly why I wanted them on FT as fast as humanly possible!

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Hi everyone,

Brand new to the investment world! I plan to buy into Olaplex when it goes live, so excited (also nervous lol)

Is it common to invest a small amount to see how it goes first then increase, or do most people go in heavy?

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Hey Flona and welcome! Honestly it’s entirely up to you and what you feel most comfortable with. I think you’ll find a mixed bag of answers to your question.

Only ever invest what you are comfortable doing so.

Best of luck! I too will be putting a position down into Olaplex :slight_smile:


Hi @Flona 2 ways you can look at this

  1. go big if you believe in company and if it drops your in negative if does and in red and probably keep forever ha

  2. go small see how it starts not lose much if anything and slowing increase knowing you Havent made/taken to much risk at begining

Always invest what you potentially could lose and not depend on it as could be in negative for while or positive if works out!

As with new stock flotation (IPO’S) they can sometimes start high and then suddenly drop from original starting price

And DYOR (do your own research)
This isn’t financial advice just my opinion :smiley: X


Thanks @deividcole & @Leonm1182 really helpful advice here😊


It’s live but struggeling to buy. Not getting confirmation.

Scratch that, just got confirmation! All good!


Hiya joined specifically to buy Olaplex stock like many others. What’s everyone’s thoughts?


Welcome to the community Laura!

Great company, with insane growth potential.

My wife is from Santa Barbara where the company was founded and has been using their products for many years now. They have hundreds of patents, granted not all are equal and some are more valuable than others but they have proven already they are at the forefront of something new and massively disturbing their industry. Also amazing to see that they won a legal battle against a giant like L’oreal who were trying to jump on their wagon and claim their patents were invalid. In my eyes they are unstoppable.

Don’t like the insane IPO price fluctuation, a lot of DD goes into agreeing a price so seeing it explode so much is worrying. None the less bought a small position but have a feeling will crash (I hope) which will present a perfect buying opportunity.

If not, I equally would be happy to see the stock continue on the up and up as I truly believe there is huge potential for them and in a decade they will be a household name just like Moroccan Oil is. Would love to hear other peoples opinions on the company.

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I’ve just bought in on this when it dipped slightly.

What’s the price forecast over a 1 year period?

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It seems like reuters says otherwise.

From the article: “U.S. Circuit Judge Richard Taranto wrote for a three-judge panel on Thursday that Olaplex failed to show its information was eligible for trade-secret protection and that no reasonable jury could find otherwise.”

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When you say small position? :thinking: And is it dear the current price do you reckon? And what do you reckon is fair price or future or hope :rofl::+1:t2:

I’m a huge fan like your wife. Totally saved my hair. I’m new to this whole thing, like yourself I bought a small portion. I’m amazed watching the amount change. Do you think it will crash? If so when? I’m Interested in buying more :upside_down_face:

A positive analysis from a finance youtube channel


Just chiming in here Olaplex has removed an ingredient called Lilial from its products after it was banned in EU with links to causing infertility

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Hi @Smiley88

Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community :ocean:

Sharing little but like this might just help people out with their research & investment choices.