[On :freetrade:] Alphabet/Google - GOOGL 🌐

Alphabet becomes the third U.S. tech company worth $1 trillion :chart_with_upwards_trend:

The stock hit an all-time high of $1,466 today.

What are your thoughts on its 2020 prospects?

Isn’t it the fourth, after Apple, Microsoft and Amazon?

Looks like Amazon’s current valuation is just under $1 trillion, according to Yahoo Finance.

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Anyone else had the most bullish year? Loving these tech stocks, I’m up like 20%. Alphabet, Microsoft, Apple :heart_eyes:.

Let’s see how it continues long term.

Maybe not 2020, but their announcement around killing 3rd party cookies by 2022 will just serve to further increase their advertising revenues.

Other beneficiary will be Facebook



Google IPO throwback 2004


A few interesting bits:

  • YouTube ad revenue was $4.04 billion
  • Cloud reported $2.78 billion in Q1 2020.
  • “Google other revenues” — which includes hardware, Play Store, and non-advertising YouTube revenues — reported $4.44 billion, compared to $3.62 billion the same quarter last year

The closely-watched “Other Bets” continues to lose money. It reported $135 million revenue primarily generated by Verily and Fiber from $172 million last quarter. However, it lost $1.12 billion compared to $868 million in Q1 2019.


Interesting to see more videos of Waymo in action (I think NDA is lifted with the new rollout)