[On :freetrade:] Apple (AAPL) :iPhone: 🍏


Don’t worry Dave you made a profit! congrats!

Apple is a guaranteed stock that it will always go up but slowly… apart from the last 3 weeks due to stock split announcement and Feds money.

My Apple post-split share amount now showing in app and sending the portfolio graph wild ( Tesla yet to be updated)

Mine has also gone crazy. My invested amount has multiplied…

I had a mini heart attack about an hour ago when I got a notification saying that AAPL had dived 70% before trading.


Oh dear. Bit of a mess isn’t it.

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I think the number of shares is correct. The avg. price per share may also be correct.
The current value hasn’t updated yet. I suspect when the market opens this will update and everything then should be in order

Edit: but I hope the massive gain currently showing won’t remain in the portfolio graph

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Looks like it’s happening to a lot of services (Stocktwits below)

Now Apple is a bargain :grin:

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This would be handy.


Screenshot 2020-09-15 at 12.58.19


It’ll be interesting to see how the market reacts to tonights (6pm BST) event, given the rumours that iPhone will have its own event later in October.

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They already said in their last earnings update the iPhone is a few weeks late this year, so I’d expect it to be priced in?

Let’s see :eyes: