[On :freetrade:] Aston Martin (AML) 🚙

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Aston Martin IPO confirmed




Sky News can exclusively reveal that James Bond’s favourite car marque will announce alongside interim results on Wednesday that it intends to list on the London Stock in the autumn.

So Bloomberg’s reporting that, that might not be right -

Aston Martin hasn’t yet decided on an initial public offering in London, and a listing in New York or sale of stock to a private investor remain under consideration, the luxury carmaker’s chief executive officer said.

Although they’re sounding more optimistic in this story, that they just put out -


I’m just hoping that we’ll be able to buy the shares using Freetrade :sweat_smile:


IPO confirmed on the FT 2 hours ago.




Can we get why confirmation from the team if it’ll be possible? Assuming we have access to the app that is.


Would you really buy shares in a small car company? How many times have Aston gone bust so far?

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Don’t care. Just like the idea of owning a piece. I can’t afford one of the cars.


We’ll need to wait until the official prospectus is released to ascertain whether this will be a security we can support. Hopefully so, as it appears there is already a degree of interest!:smile:


I had an email from HL asking for an initial show of interest Thursday last week.


Just for clarity, you mean regular purchase post IPO - not that we can take part in the IPO right?

Is it explained somewhere what the criteria are for securities that can be supported?

That’s correct, we won’t be offering the facility for taking up IPO’s. We would only consider enabling trades on a secondary market such as the LSE post IPO.

As a general rule, we want to ensure our universe is made up of the FTSE, ETFs and US stocks where there is sufficient demand. :sunglasses:

If you’ve not already seen, you can submit requests for stocks to be added to our universe on the following thread:


I had similar thoughts, just because the cars are cool doesn’t make this a buy. I haven’t done enough research to say one way or they other but I would be cautious

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There’s definitely been skepticism about their valuation, with a couple of stories in the mainstream press, this column in Bloomberg sums up most of it :cold_sweat:



Supercars are a rich man’s folly - Lamborghini - owned by Audi, Ferrari - owned by Fiat, Buggati - owned by VW, even poor little Lotus - owned by Proton.

All are expensive flagships for a bigger pocket that wants to show off.

Aston has gone bust and been bought countless times. Alone they simply do not have the resources to develop next gen cars.

Don’t get me wrong, I love supercars. But an investment? No way.


7 times so far @DaveTMG :grimacing:

The £5bn valuation will be 20x estimated 2019 earnings. as cool as it would be to own a piece, I’m not convinced it would be good value at that price. I do hope they smash it though, as an icon of British manufacturing (and amazing 007 cars) :uk: :red_car:


There’s always this option -


That’s pretty cool.

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For the benefit of any investor noobs.

No offence to anyone because I am the same and just want to own a piece, however, it’s this kind of folly that gets investors in trouble.

Either, owning and holding for the sake of it, or not knowing when to sell.

This is exactly why trackers and managed funds are the way to go for long term investing.

I want in on the IPO because often there is a quick buck to be made on the public launch plus no fees to buy but that is not always the case and share prices do dip post launch.

Has anyone got a broker that is offering this yet? Did HL confirm?


So $AML debuted today, slightly disappointing in early trading, opened at £19 but low as £17.75, so missing out on the FTSE 100 with a £4bn valuation, instead of the £5bn they were hoping for.


Well after Royal Mail tanked this week, a £4bn market cap slightly beats them. So at the next shuffle they might move up.