[On :freetrade:] Baidu - BIDU 💻

Baidu is already available but not allowable in an ISA. You can buy it in your GIA though :slight_smile:

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BIDU took a beating today.


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Overall I think this is a solid company. At this moment in time there are a lot of on-going issues but I think they will recover from this fine

Yeah, I was hoping FT would add it as well as Alibaba ($BABA) and Tencent.

cc @alex.s


Seconding what @Prince said - I think it’s solid with some short term issues.

Baidu & Alibaba are both available but not ISA elligible so maybe that’s why you can’t see them?


Aha! you’re right. I looked at the basic account and both Baidu and Baba are there.

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how comes they’re not ISA elgible?

Was just reading about it this morning. They are ADRs (American Depository Receipts)

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Yes this is the reason -

You can invest in everything in our universe, except certain investments such as Chinese stocks, like Alibaba, Ctrip and Baidu, or the Israeli company Teva Pharmaceuticals. These trade as ADRs on US exchanges and aren’t ISA eligible.

quote from this blog post

Is there any way around this?

Not if you want them in an ISA. You just have to buy them in your general investment account

Just to be clear, it is the case with every UK broker, not just Freetrade.


It’s one of the most oversold big cap Chinese Stock now along with Alibaba. Bargain or falling knife?


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