[On :freetrade:] Beyond Meat - BYND 🥩

Definitely hope you guys can add it before the price skyrockets! :+1:


They’ll be IPO’ing soon, and it would be good to get them on freetrade as soon as possible once they’re public
(I see Lyft & Pinterest are not yet available, but I imagine there’s strong user demand - are there additional complexities with adding new public co’s?)


Hey Ben :wave:

Thanks for requesting Beyond Meat, there’s a #stock-requests topic for them here so I’ve moved your post over.

Adding this stock’s not quite as easy as we’d like yet, I’ve shared some more details about the process here.

Feel free to ask if you have any more questions :slight_smile:

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So you’re teasing us now @alex.s ? :joy:


Haha well the more expensive share price arguably means they’re less attractive for people who want to invest after the IPO, right? :money_mouth_face:

While we’re on the subject, Lyft is a good example of a company that’s not done so well post-IPO so to mention the obvious, a sustained ‘pop’ isn’t guaranteed..

But we’ll add them quickly enough that long term investors will have plenty of time to buy the stock, if they’re a fan :raised_hands:


Ha agreed. I actually don’t normally buy shares at or near their IPO for that very reason. Particularly the way I see tech and popular stocks behaving after an ipo where they seem to surge then trail back sometimes lower than their initial price. The only stock I bought at ipo was royal mail as I was lucky enough to be allocated shares in the public raise but I sold them that same day because of the lift.

I know you will be adding them soon as you can so I’m not too worried. Just hope to have it listed if I saw a “buy the dip” scenario from my eyes.

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And they’re live :seedling::chart_with_upwards_trend:

They raised more than initially planned, so will be interesting to see how it goes.


You can also check our update on when we’ll be adding new US stocks here:



Cant wait for this one. I was tempted to buy in on HL but will stick with my guns and wait for Freetrade to launch it. Hope it happens soon!


Here it is: https://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/bynd


Me too! I even had one for dinner tonight :hamburger:

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ohhh boy! I guess correction will follow

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How would someone UK based go about buying into an US IPO rather than wait for them to start trading?

@astonelesschip I use Charles Schwab for this. Not sure of the alternatives. It’s a fairly long on-boarding process which will take a few weeks and you’ll need at least $25,000 unless they dropped the requirement…


You can use Interactive Brokers too.
I didn’t realise they started trading until they doubled.
I think the rally in this should continue till big ipos hit the market, if overall market is OK.

I got some BYND :partying_face:

Please please please - I was just about to add and saw its got traction.

Worth the overheads @alex.s :wink:

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Hello, I’m Stefano and I’m new on the forum! Can’t wait to be able to invest in Bynd through Freetrade :raised_hands::seedling:


So is there a rough time scale on how long Freetrade users will need to wait? Its been a few days now since the IPO and I feel like I’m missing out on BYND by waiting for Freetrade to add it when its now on HL.


The honest answer is we just don’t know I’m afraid. A CDI will generally be created based on how much demand there is in the UK. Once we’ve seen a few more of these we should get a sense of how long it’ll take but for now, we just have to wait & see.

We did check this morning & they don’t have CDI yet.


I just got an in-browser notification that trading212 has added BYND and some others :confused:

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