[On :freetrade:] British American Tobacco (BATS) 🚬 ☠

hey guys, might be a stupid question but can anyone explain these images? and price? Was this a huge selloff that was bought up quickly?

It seems like an error. The 52 week range for the stock is 2249p-3502p. The 52 week high only coming in Thursday 8th 2020 whereas back in May 2019, it was trading as low as £22.49.

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I noticed this in my tracking google sheet… seems it being reported in pounds not pence for some reason.

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Doesn’t look like an April Fools Day joke… British American Tobacco working on COVID-19 cure. Might be worth a small speculative investment.



From what I’ve read smokers are at greater risk from COVID-19, makes sense that they protect their revenues :nerd_face:

I’ve just released a new blog post on British American Tobacco where I analyse the company and come up with a target price for them.

To read my full analysis on BAT, hop onto :arrow_down: