[On :freetrade:] Canadian National Railway (CNI)

It would be great to see CN added to Freetrade when Canadian companies are available!

Now that Royal Bank of Canada is on FT, could we see a few more Canadian companies added to the universe that are on the NYSE through drive wealth?:raised_hands:t2:

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Done! Any thoughts about the company?

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Cheers Victor, much appreciated!! Really happy to see CNI on Freetrade!!

Excellent weekend read from FreeTrade on this! Anyone jumped on board :stuck_out_tongue:


When the market pulls back I’ll be buying for sure😆

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I’m currently in this domain

I have some to invest, and have been eyeing HSBC for example, not having recovered as per other shares. But questioning how big / when / for how long, the pull back will be once the world takes stock of the impact of furlough, lack of output etc…

What are your thoughts?
I do realise everything is speculative

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I wish I had a crystal ball as that would be nice and easy! It’s impossible to predict when a drop could occur so I’m just positioning myself ready for when it happens.

Plenty of cash ready to go, analysis of all of the companies & a target price for each of them. From now it’s just a waiting game - just got to stay patient.

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Some of the fundamentals look decent:

Screenshot 2020-06-28 at 17.29.07

However, do you have confidence it can outperform a simple S&P 500 investment?

Over five years, it performed only 3.06% better than the S&P 500:
Screenshot 2020-06-28 at 17.30.50


Great question! Overall I’m confident that over the long term (20 years+) with dividends reinvested they will outperform. It comes down to what price I am able to buy them at to what return I will get. From my DCF analysis I’d need a 24% drop to get to my intrinsic value and consider buying for a return I’m happy with - that’s not including my margin of safety either.