[On :freetrade:] e.l.f. Beauty (ELF)

Cosmetic company


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Great weekend read from FT on this - anyone jumping in


My take-away from the piece was that it’s a company that struggled since its IPO while it operates in a large total addressable market.

EPS is positive at $0.35, so it’s making some money, but the P/E ratio is a tad high, above 50, although this should be compared to its peers.

I regret having missed the 52 week low which was below $8. At a share price above $17, I’m just not sure it is time to jump in now. Maybe at the much awaited (by you tubers I follow) second collapse.

How about you?


Thank you ‘David from Freetrade’ you’ve managed to take something like beauty products (something I have zero interest in) and produced a brilliant and interesting article. Beauty and Fashion are two areas I typically strike off instantly whilst shortlisting on what businesses to research, but after reading the article I will take a closer look in future. Quality stuff, cheers


It’s so inconsistent whether I receive these emails. Lost track of how many times I’ve subscribed. Sometimes I get them, mostly not. Never in junk email or anything like that. Such a shame because they’re a very good read.

The weekly reads are quality. As someone who wants them to succeed I’m so glad Freetrade appreciate the marketing value of producing content like this.


Thank you! @DavidK is on holiday right now, but I’m sure he’ll appreciate the kind words, too.

Let us know what you’d like to read about next.

Ethan, I’ve DM’ed you separately. :+1:


That’s very strange, they use a very generic email tool, mail chimp, so it’s very unlikely they aren’t sending the mails to you if you’re on their list. Are you using something generic like gmail - if not try that

Hi, Viktor is speaking to mailchimp to find out the issue. In the meantime he manually reset it and resubscribed me.