[On :freetrade:] EVR / MelodyVR - EVRH

This company offers some cool VR products, mainly MelodyVR (a curated platform for watching 360deg gigs):



Things to note:


I’m not connected to this company, I just came across Melody after going to a gig where one of their cameras were there :slight_smile:

@dyl :eyes:

Wow 31% raise today. One good news story at least

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Pardon my ignorance, but how come when I Google the evr share price I get a very different price per share - currently in the range of 4.85 - to the one on Freetrade? Is this a different type of share?

If so, where is this specified within the app?

Freetrade rounds to the nearer penny. Google is saying it’s 4.85p currently so Freetrade will display 5p

Freetrade is showing 0.05 that price is 0.0485. The difference in price tracking systems. I think anyway. The answer above solves it

Ah, so it was just me being stupid. Derp.

Thanks guys!

Looks like a big deal

Pretty cool. Wonder how this will affect the share price

It looks like there’s quite the wait until the admission document is released and the suspension in trading is lifted!