[On :freetrade:] Fevertree Drinks - FEVR 🥃


Going well - think they could be an interesting pickup.

Would love to add this!! Trying to build my G&T portfolio for a guilt-free Christmas…


@alex.s - is there any timescale for when some of these may be added? I know its AIM listed, will this slow it down? Any info is appreciated :slight_smile:

Keen to add this to my portfolio - any chance of it being added soon?


I am also keen to add FEVR to my portfolio! :muscle:

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It’s on Freetrade now :slight_smile: thanks guys!!


Yes it is :smile: we’ve added Fevertree & 2 other stocks that’re listed on the AIM exchange now. Sit back, relax & enjoy :cocktail:

For anyone interested in a Fevertree write up, here is a decent article . Also worth a read for people wanting stocks that go up 100x.


US growth is encouraging.

Are people bored of gin now? There’s so much of it.

I think competition has stepped up. Schweppes has a premium brand now. And Coca-Cola has one too.


Am I missing something here? It looks like a good set of results, just not ones that meet expectations

They’re a drinks company with the PE ratio of a tech company. You miss expectations, you’re going to tank.

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Stock market is exclusively about expectations. If they are exceeded, stocks rise. If not, they fall to a level according to the results.

It’s winter time… no one drinks gin at winter!!! That’s madness! :joy: Roll on summer!