[On :Freetrade:] GlaxoSmithKline - GSK

GSK… heading back down or likely gonna run up? Anyone got any thoughts on them?

To me i think its over price a little bit but maybe thats just that i sold it when is was £12.00 one of my investment mistakes the other was selling boohoo for 50p

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I have some, I see it as a steady Dividend payer. I don’t expect huge share price growth from here, but I’m happy to hold on to it.

I actually Prefer Astrazenca in the pharma sector, but I hold some of each.


I think they will stay strong. GSK is developing new respiratory drugs and have a strong footing in asthma and similar disease sector. In addition, I think their malaria vaccine is in Phase 2 trials.

Also, they have a pretty decent consumer market offering with nicotine withdrawal products and oral health products. I agree with @Dave on preferring AstraZeneca, but I’m planning to get some GSK in my portfolio

So I took GSK out this morning just before they dumped 1.5% and popped the money over to United Utilities for a 0.5% discount there.

Now I am not a trader and will keep and eye on GSK with a view to adding them into my general portfolio later. I am somewhat expecting them to drop back 10 - 15% before they start to pick up again.


Anyone taking advantage of the 3 months low price? GSK is also going ex dividend the 20th of February.

I am considering to add few shares in my portfolio. Any thoughts ?


I’ve been keen on GSK since I opened my FT account - I’ve been topping up recently due to the drop in value :+1:


Been holding GSK since 2015 - I don’t check the price, just collect the dividends!


I have a few shares from them, but intend to slowly build up more as they seem to be fairly good for dividends being a pharma that’s affordable compared to the others.