[On :freetrade:] Greatland Gold (GGP) ✨

Just seeing what nickel mining you are following ofc? I accidentally left a limit buy on AMC so I now own some. :laughing:

Is VALE on your watchlist, moving nicely

Yellow Cake isn’t a miner. It is a jersey based trader in uranium.

Three big issues with uranium - there’s not many new nuclear power plants being built (and older ones are being closed); there’s been plenty of excess uranium in the market from nuclear weapons stockpiles that have been decommissioned; and you can reprocess it relatively easily.

Looks like we are entering the next period, should start building towards the next update. :rocket:

edit: removed a screenshot as Freetrade really don’t like showing better charts from their main rival.

Here’s a version of the same thing using Google which hopefully won’t get me banned for advertising.


Straight through 11p just now and holding!

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It’s the extra decimal points I’m jealous of! I did go on there to check too, we really need a default of like 3 sig figs on ft.


Or just show it in GBX like normal, especially on penny stocks. So weird seeing it converted into £s. :sweat_smile:

I prefer seeing it in pounds if I’m honest and I’ve been trading for years.

I do now realise though that when Adam on one of the ama’s talked about the reasons for the £2 minimum trade and that some people were just buying 1 penny stock at a time, that I may actually have been one of the ones doing that. It was the only way I could get the actual share price of ggp as its shown on the cokntrcat note to 4 dp :joy:

Sorry if I’ve ruined it for everyone else.


Showing in pounds but with 4dp seems to me a good fix/enhancement that should be added at some stage, there’s ample room in the app


Institutional investors and ETFs getting GGP in their portfolios. Now got 2 drivers, gold juniors moving up in general and the ongoing drill results supporting higher fundamental valuation.

I’m normally pretty conservative but these two forces in tandem can really make it go parabolic over next month or two


Hey everyone :wave:

We’ve just made a video on YouTube about Greatland Gold.

Just a bit about us. We’re two students looking to try and learn about the stock market and have started our own fund.

Take a look if you fancy, any comments and criticisms welcome. The more knowledge in the community the better!

[And we used :freetrade: as well :slight_smile: ]



12p :slight_smile:


Will take a look. Did similar few weeks back so really excited to see what you’ve put together :grinning:

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Hey guys — welcome to the forum, and thanks for sharing the video!

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Just listened to your video from end to end. Great job. The investment Thesis was good and your video style and production was great.

Couple of thoughts you might want to add to your thinking:

  1. Beyond the general positive news and strong gold price, you should consider trying to assess the Net Asset Value, NAV so you can determine a fair share price.

  2. NAV also helps assess impact of share dilution which you mentioned. You can actually work out gold in ounces per share and then track what happens if company dilute shareholders to generate funds to drill for more gold. If they discover more gold than the cost of drilling the gold per share will increase, representing a positive impact for shareholders. Opposite can be true, dilution without benefits derived.

  3. Gold price, you mentioned uncertainty/fear driving gold price up as a safe haven. Also quantitative easing, QE places higher risk of future inflation and Gold typically does well in inflationary environment relative to currencies as a store of value.

Marin Katusa provides a really good intro to resource and mining investments if you sign up for his newsletter which is free. Recommend it, it’s worth being peppered with invites to his expensive investment club to read his book PDF.

Finally @paddygall1 on twitter does awesome updates on drilling using satellite imaging and he was really helpful to me when I reached out to help with my valuation and research paper.

I’ll sign up to your channel to hear more and reach out if I can help you with anything, please DM me here or on Youtube


@BanksideCapital, good video :smiley:

@Theinvestmentjourney, I also saw your video at the time, how did you carry out your NAV?
I would have thought that without a feasibility study report (or pre-feasibility) it would have been impossible… But yes, I did see your NPV result also.


It was a bit quick and dirty method. I took a range of total gold ounces, calculated their worth based on a range of gold prices and on a range of gold grades per tonne and used Telfer mine’s All In Sustaining costs as a proxy for what Haverion could expect. I then did a DCF assuming a 20 year mine life with 2.5% inflation in the model, assuming steady state extraction per year.

Using all results for above, I made a judgement call on the most probable scenario, erring on conservative side.

I recognise Telfer AISC might be higher than GGP as the investment costs in the processing plant isn’t required for GGP as they use Telfer but it’s on conservative side (I only want to be surprised to the upside).

As it’s pre- maiden resource assessment I have tried to go conservative on everything:

Gold price
Total Reserves
Gold Grades
Didn’t add any additional value to other projects or targets in Paterson Project in company valuation.

As I’ve made the model, I can just look up on a table the rough impact if a certain ave grade or total resource estimate is determined.

I’m sure people can blow arguments in my method but i think it puts me in ballpark As long as I keep up to date with news as it comes out


Thank you so much to everyone on the :freetrade: forum for the support! We’ve been blown away by the reaction to our first video! This is truly is an amazing community!

We really appreciate everyone reaching out to help us to make better videos. Our journey is about learning and all the comments so far are helping us to improve all the time!

We’ve got our second videos in the works and @Theinvestmentjourney has inspired us to go for a deeper dive on fundamental analysis! The metrics @Theinvestmentjourney highlighted are very useful and we’re going to keep an active eye on them when analysing our position. Your video on Greatland was also really useful and would recommend watching.

We’re really grateful to everyone in the :freetrade: community and very excited for what’s to come. Once we release our next video (sneak peak: Aston Martin (AML) :wink:) we’ll create a separate forum page :slight_smile: Hope you’ll stick around to watch us grow and learn on our journey.

GGP is currently at 11.69p :rocket:

Thanks everyone! :grinning:


Nice one. Look forward to Aston Martin research. Automotive is outside my circle of competence so would enjoy seeing how you approach it

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Heres the current list if anyone is interested:

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