[On :freetrade:] Greatland Gold (GGP) ✨

I hope so

With £22m buying in tomorrow/Monday I don’t think we could see a dip until next week (if it even happens)

£37 million even so should work out very well

I’m new here and far from learning the ropes but I have been watching this dip thinking i should cash out my modest investment and re-buy when things start rising.
Is there any logic to my thinking? Or am I just being reactionary?

Why would you sell in a dip?

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Thats quite a sell off today. How is everyone reacting so far? :sweat:

Topping up! The golds not disappeared!
Still undervalued as whole - trade it if you dare!


It’s a tiny dip and I have made decent money. Looks like it is going to continue down. I thought I might be cutting my losses. Your thoughts?

By all means sell if you believe that it’s overvalued or on the way down… What makes you think that? Just whichever direction it happened to go in over the last few hours?

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I don’t think it is overvalued. I was just wondering if there is any benefit in selling now to buy back cheaper in the near future. This is only my second week of investing in anything. Ever. So as a Noob I thought i’d ask here. My MWR is 53% in this short time so I must be doing something a little right. As i said, still learning.


It has been steadliy rising over the last month, (many here including myself bought these shares when they were under 10p and waited) so I would highly doubt you will be able to buy back “cheaper” in future. If anything the little tiny dip it took today is as cheap as its likely to be.

Note - things could go completely tits up at any stage so as always its no sure thing, but following its steady progress its more of a bet to say its going to keep gradually going up.


Of course there is a benefit to selling now if you can get back in cheaper in the near future. The difficulty is knowing what at those points are. In any given minute, hour, day, week, prices will fluctuate significantly up and down and there are people who make a lot of money trading these changes in price (and of course people who lose a lot of money doing so). For longer term investing, you should look at the bigger picture and ride out these fluctuations.



Thanks. Appreciate your thoughts…

I’m not reacting let it play out £37 mil going into the mix tomorrow

This time next week it’ll be 30p a share and you’ll have lost out. So just sit tight or buy more


Closing price wrong again (23.7) FT :joy: 24p nicely poised for tomorrow :grinning:

Its not tomorrow or Monday. It may drop Monday. Its the drill results from NCM every 6 weeks and every six weeks GGP. So every 3 weeks results are out and other stuff.

It will dip, its on AIM so it will move around quite a bit, but you won’t be able to buy it for 24p in 3 months time.

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Happy I got some extra in at 23.45 today as a payday treat

anybody sursprised at the drop?