[On :freetrade:] Intel (INTC)

Oh no, I understand Apple isn’t switching to AMD but it is switching away from Intel.

Trouncing on value/performance/power consumption according to seemingly every video I watch on Linus Tech Tips. Again, I only follow it loosely - my critcism is more about them spending a stupendous amount on share buybacks.


Although there’s a lot of news about workstation/mobile I think Milan is going to be the real test for Intel. Data centre has offered the best margins and until recently has been almost completely uncontested. Now Intel has to fend off both ARM and AMD’s Milan in the data centre space which looks like a pretty scary challenge.

Long term I think Intel will come back, they can weather this (if only because there just isn’t enough capacity elsewhere) but I’m not buying in yet until the next few blows land.

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