[On :freetrade:] ITM Power - ITM 🔋 🌫

ITM would be a useful ethical investment opportunity with room to increase in value significantly. Details can be found here:

Pretty interesting corporate video for ITM here - for those wondering what the actually do!

Just a reminder this is on the app, and in this week’s top 10 most popular buys :battery: :red_car:


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ITM Power plc

(“ITM Power” or “the Company”)

HyDeploy: UK Gas Grid Injection of Hydrogen in Full Operation

ITM Power (AIM: ITM), the energy storage and clean fuel company, is pleased to note the announcement by HyDeploy that the UK’s first pilot project to inject zero carbon hydrogen into a gas network to heat homes and businesses is now fully operational. The full text of HyDeploy’s announcement is set out below.

Brilliant news for ITM shareholders (me!) noticed ITM appears on the top buys list most weeks, so who else is happy right now?!


I’m happy too! Fingers crossed this continues!

Saw this on the Monzo forum earlier…

Their logo snuck in the top corner!


ITM having another silly day/month/year…


thanks to this picture i bought ITM 6 days ago, lets go :slight_smile:


To the moon! :new_moon:

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I am dividend investor but I try to allocate 30% of my portfolio on growth stock!

I started to buy ITM power at approx 0.76, it drop quickly at 0.7-0.6. I kept reinforcing my position. So I brought down the average price per share. Now is up 33%, but quite volatile.

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For anyone still looking for research into this area. I’ve found a good paper on the economic viability of using Hydrogen Cells for mobility.

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I’ve done a bit more research after dripping a small amount in and I am very impressed!!

Decided today I’m going to establish a proper position, I could even see them getting bought out completely by the likes of Shell. Noticed Linde had acquired a 20% stake also.

Up another 6% today :clap:t3:


Touched 0.99p today will it make it to three figures (gbx) by close of play?

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Got up to 99.60 so very close! Finished at 98.6p I dont doubt it’ll touch £1 even if for a short time tomorrow

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I think I need in on this… For years I’ve been wondering why more manufacturers haven’t adopted hydrogen cars… Toyota have been trying it out for years!

Honda Clarity was the first iirc remember seeing it on Top Gear about 6 or 7 years ago.

I’m getting the 2 muddled up… I vaguely remember seeing a hydrogen fuel pump (like a trial or something they were doing) at a petrol station near the dealership I used to work at and thought that’s clever… Saying that it was so long ago it might have been lpg but I’m pretty sure it said hydrogen…

This stock has been on a tear for me. Too bad I only put in about £30.


We did it!