[On :freetrade:] ITM Power (ITM) 🔋 🌫

The article is behind a paywall

Ah it must have been time delayed. It wasn’t behind a paywall when I posted the link. Sorry about that.

If the rest of the journalism is of similar quality then it is NOT worth a subscription

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Almost 10% drop today, more to come?

Its bounced between 2.50 and £3 for a while now, I think I’m waiting to see if any of the post-covid bounce back is invested in hydrogen.


ITM power, Ceres and Versarien are on my watchlist. All related to hydrogen and all have massive potential, especially for the Aviation industry.

I thought Versarien was graphene focused… What hydrogen related product is it developing?

Graphene bonds to hydrogen very well and allows for hydrogen storage tanks to run at a massively reduced pressure, improving safety.

None of you are lokking at Plug Power on Nasdaq? It’s an integrated hydrogen company and is having an impressive run. I moved my investments over there. Other hydrogen companies have good products but I think Plug Power has more momentum. Anyway, hydrogen is the future and I hope all companies go up.


I’m holding ITM, CWR and PLUG. Plug power has been the most positive more me , but I would like to see UK based hydrogen companies given more of a looking.

Yup up 185% :grin:

It’s Ceres for me… having a few dips at the moment but it’s been pushed as the potential winner by a few outlets.


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AFC is worth a look if you are after hydrogen stock. Not profitable yet but just had a very rapid fund raise


That’s a great partnership

I’m a believer in hydrogen playing a huge part in the future (not in cars!) and I’m a believer in ITM as a company. I did have quite a few ITM shares but cashed out, by chance, near it’s all time high.

This partnership is good but I just don’t believe in this country’s governing party or the overall industrial strategy of this country for the last… many many decades. I don’t see how ITM will be able to compete when Denmark and Germany’s governments have thrown their weight behind the hydrogen economy and with both of those countries sensibly residing within the EU.

Time will tell I guess. I’ve got share nostalgia for ITM, I think they were my first ever share purchase!