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Luminar technologies

Came here to suggest this too. Looks promising at IPO

Is this it? Sounds really interesting

it wasnt there yesterday when i checked, missed opportunity :expressionless:

Damn. Doubled digits in 2 days.

It was under a different name and had been on freetrade for a while.

GMHI - Gores Metropoulos, Inc.

They changed the tickr/name this week.

I’m up 60% the stock.The stock itself was up nearly 50% at one point today so I really feel for the people that missed out.

I do think freetrade need to really work on ensuring we get stocks up at an early stage as what a difference that makes! I’m swaying towards Trading212 for after April for this reason.



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Backed by Peter Thiel too

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I bought the GMHI earlier this week, I’m up 84% in a couple of days. unfortunately I only bought £100 worth


Citron shorted it the stocks went to open at 47 then few hours later headed down to 39. But it’s still good to go.

I see this as a hold.