[On :freetrade:] NASDAQ 100 ETF GBP Hedged (EQGB)

A version of EQQQ which is Hedged into GBP.


Hi, any update on making the GBP hedged version available? This is very important now that GBP is so low, to not lose all potential gains in future GBP appreciation


There has been no movement on more ETFs in general let alone hedged ETFs.

EQGB - Invesco EQQQ Nasdaq 100 UCITS ETF Hedged GBP

ETF tracking the Nasdaq 100 index with currency hedging eliminating risk against the Pound to Dollar changes.

Is it not already in the app? :slight_smile:


It is indeed! Sorry I should have put EQGB for the hedged option

It is, 152.50 by CNBC right now

Any updates on getting more GBP-hedged US ETFs added?

Hi, any update on making the GBP hedged version available?

With GBP now so low vs USD and EUR, I’m sure many UK investors would be keen to get currency hedged ETFs. I’m personally looking at the Invesco EQQQ - EQGB, would be a pity to have to use another platform…

Please don’t make thinly veiled threats. It’s just…bad.

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@Viktor sorry to keep asking you but would you be kind enough to merge this EQGB thread with the other pre-existing one?

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The TER on freetrade app is 0.30% when it should be 0.35%.