[On :freetrade:] NIO (NIO) 🔋 🚘

While waiting on Freetrade to add NIO I managed to trade it on Eqi but the fees are high.

At least it is on now, it may not be on ISA if it is not visible to you

Is this because it’s Chinese stock market? It would be excelllent to have in isa

I don’t know, but I’m sure someone in the community will explain why in a moment or two :smile:


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@Viktor @sampoullain

Blog post on ADRs please?!

Meanwhile we can check these

From a Freetrade’s blog post:

You can invest in everything in our universe, except certain investments such as Chinese stocks, like Alibaba, Ctrip and Baidu, or the Israeli company Teva Pharmaceuticals. These trade as ADRs on US exchanges and aren’t ISA eligible.


NIO stock making steady gains recently but jumped 30% at opening today :open_mouth:


One love for Nio :innocent:


Another case of i wish i had bought more! Is there a case to be made that once you’ve done your research and decide to invest in a stock you should take up a significant position in it rather than a smaller one?


There is never enough buying a good amount of shares of a good company :smiley:


Nio’s an interesting one. Surely there’s going to be one Chinese car company that eventually cracks the worldwide market? I know they had plans to expand into Europe - though obviously with the UK driving on the other side of the road and our standards needlessly diverging away from the EU, I’m doubtful we’ll ever see them here.

Regardless, the Chinese market is massive enough (and growing) that they could stay within China and do very well. I wish I could find an “EV manufacturers by volume” list for China but here is a list of EV brands over there: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_vehicle_industry_in_China#EV_Brands

The Chinese market is certainly competitive!

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I was researching how many people try to short this stock.

20% short volume ratio-


Tesla is 25%. Pre-market is still in the green. I always watch the pre-market, it is a good and fair indication of the security’s direction.

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It would be interesting to see how NIO could perform globally on its own without help from Tencent/Alibaba. Not saying a Sino company needs their help, but I have seen scant examples of a Chinese company without it. So far Bytedance has been the only other truly global Chinese brand. Certainly NIO’s US listing has helped. Up 174% since late may when I bought at five sterling!

Will NIO be added soon?

It’s already on :+1:

Not available in the ISA.
Dropped off quite considerably today after being 20% up at one point but I think long term it could be great

Was there any news?
I saw it at 15 USD in the afternoon, just looked and it closed at under 13 USD. The initial increase probably was due to China closing on a positive note, but I don’t know what happened for it to go back down.

Not that I’m aware of.
Perhaps cooling off after nearly doubling within a week is my guess. With a Mcap of ~$14bn vs Tesla’s $205bn it could continue to grow (although they don’t have Mr Musk) even if that’s just within China.

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