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Not just the UK government. Also the US, the EU and China. So lots of hurdles to take. And they all seem more averse to monopolies these days.

No I’m suggesting the opposite, that these nations are all desperate to facilitate monopolies to accumulate power.

The UK does not want to lose it’s one major shot at the new AI game. I wouldn’t be surprised if the UK denied the sale and bought ARM instead.

I agree that this is certainly a possibility, I hope it doesn’t happen though.

I think the decision with OneWeb was controversial enough, although this would be a very different deal it still starts to a look like a worrying trend.

I understood but I think they will keep ARM in the UK.

Yes but again it is very hard to enforce that. Washington’s reach will now extend to ARM and, as we have seen, Washington does not like to relinquish control.


I don’t see why the UK government shouldn’t be more interventionist. The US and Chinese governments both are and I think there is much to be learned. The UK has top universities but companies are often bought up early and cannibalised.

I’m fine with them intervening in other ways (e.g. blocking deals if necessary), I’m less fine with state-ownership. I just think it’s very problematic, it risks stifling growth of successful companies and leaves the tax-base footing the bill for non-successful ones.

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Have a look mate

“Might” and “ask” being the operative words here. How many times has the UK govt. asked for jobs to be kept in the UK and then sat by powerless when the companies concerned reneged on the deal.
This takeover should definitely be stopped.

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