[On :freetrade:] Renewable Infrastructure Group - TRIG 📈

Renewables Infrastructure Group (LSE: TRIG) is a large FTSE 250 investment trust dedicated to investments in assets generating electricity from renewable sources. It has a portfolio of 61 investment projects in wind, solar PV, and battery storage assets located in the UK, Ireland and France.


We’ve just added 50 new stocks & trusts to the app & TRIG is one of them :leaves:

Feel free to create a new #investing-and-markets topic & share your thoughts about the trust’s prospects with the community :speech_balloon:

Hi Freetraders :slight_smile:

Quick question for TRIG shareholders, does anybody know how to setup the “Scrip Dividend Mandate” mentioned on the investor relations website in order to receive additional shares in lieu of cash?



I’m interested to see if you can do this and how it can be setup through Freetrade.

No, freetrade does not support scrip yet.

I guess this might be a possibility once fractional shares are rolled out on freetrade?

It has no bearing unfortunately - fractions or whole. SCRIP mandates need to be lodged at Nominee level. You can split the mandate (ie. pay 5021 shares cash and 2,321 shares stock) but it’s a constant election post ex-date by Freetrade. Outstanding settlement activity confuses matters further. It’s certainly do-able, I used to do this exact thing for a broker many years ago - but it was a faff, manual. It also has interesting tax consequences if outside of an ISA that are too boring to detail but require extra leg work.

In short : I’d not want to Freetrade to focus attention and time on this right now. They’ve ‘better’ things to do I would suggest. For one, getting the TRIG costs and charges disclosure correct… has been incorrect for some time … https://finki.io/video.html

Ah, SCRIP may not work then, but at least fractionals will allow you to use the dividend payout to buy new shares with.

How are the charges for TRIG wrong? They look fine comparing them against the KID?

Yep, but the KID’s out of date