[On :freetrade:] Sea (SE)

I hope this is the right way to post a request for a new stock listing. I have a whole list but this is towards the top of my wish list for FT!

its available just not in the ISA wrapper - annoyingly

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Yes I found that out, but understand why now - its underlying stock is listed on an exchange not recognised by HMRC, so doesn’t qualify for tax-free investing.

That hasn’t stopped me from putting more funds BACK into my basic account since opening my ISA, simply in order to invest in this promising growth company.

Have you invested in them also, I might ask?

Thanks i didnt know that.

i havnt yet but i will do once i get paid as all my capital is tied into my ISA. i trying to work out the most efficient tax way to invest.

Missed the boat on them to gain from this huge bounce, but long term hold.

IMO focus on making profits first and then worry about taxes later. You’d rather have 80% of a lot than 100% of very little. But I can understand why you’d want to get that all in order of course.

In my honest estimation, you haven’t even missed the boat on this run of SE as far as I’m concerned but do NOT take my word for it. Research them a bit more and look into the EPS growth, balance sheets, new products and services and then make a judgement call.

As you say, definitely a long term hold, but I reckon there’s minimum 20% left to go on this short term run before it will trade sideways for a while again.

I’m still averaging up my position, so I started with £100 a month ago and added £20 twice per week. Just today I sold a position in BIDU in order to add another £100 to SE.

Hope this is informative for you. Good luck in your investing journey! :smile: