[On :Freetrade:] UK Oil & Gas PLC (UKOG)

On the LSE AIM exchange and is one of the most popular



UKOG is NOT a fracking company, I repeat, is NOT a fracking company! UKOG is a UK-based oil and gas exploration and production company.

In recent years, the UK has become increasingly dependent on imports of energy. UKOG is aiming to reduce this dependency and become a key player in the UK energy field. It has struck oil (thank god, it is an oil exploration company!) and is aiming to extract 2,000 barrels per day from its reserves.

It is still establishing itself in the field, applying for the licences etc. however this is one punt that could pay off. It is aiming to go into full development later on this year and extract over 2,000 barrels per day. With a market cap of c.£75 million, it is a company that could grow 10 fold over the next 10 years as they expand and expand. I think the sky really is the limit.

Step up free-trade get it on the platform.

DYOR. Good luck all.

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I’d like to see this get added, and more low value shares in general as they’re quite fun and useful for getting friends into investing for the first time.

Fairly typical pump & dump style chart for an AIM oiler :

Maybe a candidate for this though :

If you could put £100 into one speculative stock right now

You want to see your friends lose money and spoil investing for them? Interesting…:thinking:

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If you haven’t got anything nice to say, how about saying nothing at all?

Wtf do you know about me or my friends? Cheap stocks are a fun way of learning investing without risking much money. My first referred friend was able to to double his £20 to £40 with the cheapest stock on this whole app, sold and is so pleased with his 100% return he is now going to do a course on investing.

Everyone has to start somewhere, sorry if my friends budgets are too small for your liking, but how about you keep your rude opinions to yourself.