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William Hill please :soccer::cricket_bat_and_ball::golfing_man:‍♂:horse_racing:

Sooner rather than later please, prices are going up! :money_mouth_face::roll_eyes:

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We’ve just added 50 new stocks to the app & WMH is one of them :horse_racing:

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Looking better for WMH


Lol. in light of the expected upcoming UKGC reg’s updates arriving which will more than likely ban the use of credit cards for customer deposits, I’d strongly recommend a bit of caution regarding the big UK facing gambling operators at the moment.


I wouldn’t touch gambling stocks right now. Too much macro happening around the industry.

Don’t really see that being a problem, surely people will just use another payment method?

Added to the recently tightened KYC, AML, customer affordability checks, etc. This additional “ban of credit card deposits” nail into the coffin of the UK gaming market is enough for people within operators to be looking outside of the UK for growth and revenue replacement. Operating within the UK is becoming increasingly hard work, complicated, expensive, risky (fines for missed checks, etc) and generally unattractive. Some online operators have now just decided to pull out of the UK all together as it’s just not worth the hassle. The bigger operators will still operate within the UK as it’s a badge of credibility, but based on what I am hearing they are looking to derisk the current situation by trying to develop their business outside of the UK.

Punters can currently use other payment methods, and there are a fair amount of options available to them. However, it’s clear that the UKGC is just going to keep tightening and so if it’s credit cards this week, then it’ll just be something else in a few months time. If you want to punt a few hundred quid a month via your debit card then you’ll be fine, but if you want to punt anymore than that or use some kind of other “credit” based payment method then the UKGC is going to do what they can to spot it and stop you from doing it.

Believe me, this is a problem as it will potentially affect 100,000’s of UK online punters whom currently generate an average drop of around £50-£100+ each per month. This is going to leave a reasonably large hole in operator P&L statements when it hits. When markets were unregulated operators could look for “creative” solutions to overcome things such as this. but the problem with a regulated market is that operators aren’t allowed to do things like this anymore.

Everyone is quietly now hoping that the regulators within Europe don’t decide to follow the UK in tightening their reg’s, as well as really hoping that the gradually opening US market proves to be as big as people have been speculating.



As the profits drop in the UK due to regulations, profits beckon in the US: https://www.yogonet.com/international/noticias/2019/11/21/51629-william-hill-revenue-driven-by-us-expansion-purchases-cg-technology-assets-in-nevada-and-bahamas

WMH are a long term hold for me.