Online Mortgage Brokers Experience?

Hi guys,
Does anyone have any experience in using Trussle or Habito for mortgages.
Are online mortgage brokers the way forward and are easy as they make it out to be?
Do they offer better rates then going to a high street bank?

I used Trussle and found the experience to be incredibly simple… Great service… Easy to contact and keep up to date with progress etc… I did start off looking at Habito but found their customer service to be not so helpful…

I’ve always used a good independent mortgage broker, this is one of the times it does pay to use a middle man. Ask someone you trust know who buys property for their contacts

If you are interested I can provide a referral link that gets us both £100 amazon voucher if you complete your mortgage through Trussle… Let me know if you’d like me to send it over…