Open Banking (Monzo)

I know Monzo had recently launched their Monzo Plus open banking and was curious if there were any plans for Freetrade to be able to be hooked up to it?


Would be a good shout, not sure how it works though.
I’d like to see my FT account in Monzo Plus


This would be great to see. First step could be just showing the balance, then if you could easily transfer money to the ISA from your bank account, it could be a game-changer for Freetrade. IMO Monzo should be agressively pursuing this marketplace strategy now they have a solid userbase to sell things to, and Freetrade, if they want to grow, need to target people who just want to save into an index fund and don’t need a separate app to do that or the inclination to pick out shares.

There are 4 million users on monzo with very little to do with their savings given the terrible interest rates on cash right now. Perfect market for a simple investing service.


We, at Emma, can link Freetrade for free. :slight_smile: We are just waiting for the API to be available. :pray:


Surely when the API is available everybody will link it for free? :thinking:

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Monzo Plus is a paid product. :slight_smile:

Big fan of Emma. I can even put the freetrade logo on my account now but still have to update it manually :confused:


Open Banking only works for current accounts right now with saving accounts being in the pipeline.

Open Savings and Investments are being worked on separately but majority of fintechs who provide connectivity (like moneyhub) do so through non-standardised agreements and APIs as far as I am aware.


'If you’re not paying for the product then you are the product"

I can’t remember how or why I ended up using Money Dashboard over Emma (did it launch first?) but I always figured that, since I don’t pay for the service, they make their money from data mining all my transactions? Is this how Emma works too?

I’d assumed Monzo doesn’t do that if you’re paying monthly for the service, which is quite appealing and has tempted me to leave Money Dashboard but I’m not sure. I’ll have to check!

You can still be a product if you’re paying for a service. Some companies like to catch the revenue at both ends.
I’m not saying anything about Monzo because I don’t know their practices, but assumptions are what let companies get away with double dipping.

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Very true! I wonder if Emma’s premium customers are data mined?

Are there any other services like Money Dashboard and Emma? I kind of want to poke about and see if anyone’s explicitly saying “No data mining on paid accounts”

We have a premium subscription and don’t data mine. :slight_smile:

We are adding a new feature that updates the balance automagically whenever you make a transfer. :wink: