Open source library from Freetrade: TypeScript business time / market hours logic

Hi all

I thought you might be interested in this TypeScript library we just open-sourced:

From the README:

“Business time” logic in TypeScript (aka “market hours”, “business hours”, “working days” etc). This can be useful for calculating shipping dates or market open and close times, for example.

We benefit hugely from the open source community, so we think it’s important to try and open source some of our own work where we can. This library should be handy for a few situations that a lot of applications have to deal with. Hopefully it will also be good for promoting the Freetrade brand in the software development community.


Good work, I didn’t expect it to be so expansive. Awesome to see it’s future proofed for Tokyo Stock Exchange’s lunch hour break :+1: :grinning: :rocket:


I have no idea what any of this is but great work :raised_hands: