Opendoor (DOOR) - was IPOB before - Share Chat


Thanks, @saf, we’re preparing for the change as we speak!

It should be reflected shortly after market open today.

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Trying to work out how I add this to a 3rd party portfolio, freetrade is showing I have no buys or sells for OPEN. but my profit is displayed.

Do I replicate my buys in IPOB?

Anyone know why this share is popping today? Just ark buying more?

Hate it when I can’t find news and a 10% share increase…

Found my own answer

Stocks making the biggest moves midday: Tilray, Zillow, Sonos, Zynga and more

Zillow is opendoors biggest competitive… Some nice numbers

i like $OPEN, I… opened a new large position in $OPEN. bad pun.

Have you scanned social media and reddit? News is slow, chatter is fast. Search for $OPEN or whatvr ticker on reddit and on twitter , and Dont worry, optimise for the longterm if you think the biz is solid. I was “late” for some stonks like $SQ (super fintech, they do stonk and crypto tradin, B2B loans, payments, so awesome) last year but becvause they’re quality names (i think or i hope), the unrealised gains over months are equivalent to a decent a monhtly salary and its going up with daily fluctuations

Thanks buddy.

Not living in the usa it’s hard to really try out open door as a product but there are plenty of youtube videos.

This has Ark behind it so price has already been pushed up. It’s the machine learning which makes me excited for the future.

Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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