Opening 2 ISAs (in same tax year)

I recently opened a FT S&S ISA, but after reviewing the options decided that i would like to invest in Vanguard mutual funds- something not (yet?) available on FT.

My FT ISA account was open less than a few days and i didnt fund the account before closing.

I am still eligible to open another S&S ISA account in this tax year? With Vanguard.

I’m not leaving FT, a proportion of my investments will be going into FT general account ETFs. When my ISA grows I may transfer back to FT universe.

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I think as long as you didn’t fund it then you’re ok

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Yeah you should be fine so long as you have not deposited. Afaik an ISA doesn’t become fully live until you deposit money into it.

If you want proper peace of mind you could always give HMRC a call and check, they’re far more helpful then you’d suspect if you’ve never contacted before. Most likely they’ll tell you to just close the unused ISA (you can do this in the manage ISA section of the app).

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You can cancel an ISA within 30 days and open another one. Let the customer service know you’re canceling.