Opt in notification when the markets open

(Alex Sherwood) #1

I’d like to receive a notification when the markets open in the UK & US so that I can place Instant orders.

Since I’m guessing that this might be too much for some, this notification could be opt-in..

(James Drake) #2

I like the idea of an alerter notification. Morning commuter would receive things such as news, alarms etc Instead of a notification to say the markets are open, perhaps instead have an timer to say when the markets are about to open to give users time to prepare, maybe they want a quick briefing etc


A notification everyday at 8am when the UK market opens and at 4pm when it closes? I would probably turn that off. Can’t people just set an alarm on their smartphones for these times?

(James Drake) #4

Yep but to have one app serve your needs in one department is always wiser. I assume it would be just as easy to turn it on/off than it would be to set an alarm.

I think my suggestion would enable users to have a notification to say “the market opens in 30 minutes” and deliver them some relevant data pertaining to their individual portfolios.

(Dave Smith) #5

Although it might be useful when the market is closed for some unknown reason, The US market was closed for a holiday yesterday. I didn’t now that at the time, had to google it


I agree that a notification to inform about changes in the standard open/close hours would be useful. However, daily notifications regarding the standard opening and closing times would get old.

(James Drake) #7

I think for newbies it would be really worthwhile


Perhaps being able to queue Instant orders for next time the market opens would achieve the same end goal?

Wondering if there’s a risk that a daily notification could end up accidentally meaning “markets open, take action”?