Option to show US stocks in $ in investments

Is it possible to add an option to show our US stocks in dollars rather than pounds?

Makes it easier to compare quickly and is more convenient for more investors I would think. Having an option would be the best bet.

Good idea, second that. Would be good to see our investments in original currency (US$) versus local currency (GBP) to highlight the FX risk—a crucial part of investment management.


Already posted a few months ago. Multi currencies would be great. My addition

Would love to see storing in dollars…but as you said there at least has to be euros anyway for Ireland et al . Would like to see the ability to store stocks in the currency that the stock is listed in. Pounds(£) for LSE, Dollar ($) for NYSE etc. Possibly another revenue stream for Freetrade in the form of currency conversion for those that would rather change in-app

Edit: Multi-wallet currencies is what I meant like Revolut


I think that’s a great idea too but specifically, I was referring only to the prices shown.

For example, if I hold a US stock on the home ‘investments’ page under the graph, the price is shown in £ rather than dollars (unless I go into the stock page). Showing in its domestic currency would make comparisons and analysis of stocks a lot easier. This idea is specifically about that part.

Ah I get you. Ye it would be nice to show both. That’s needed. +1 from me

All I want is to see the buy price in $!


I asked this a while ago and tried my best to drum up support - to little avail. The Freetrade position is that users are currently UK and its easier to see their value in GBP. Whilst I agree, the lack of choice is disappointing as it renders almost all 3rd party apps unusable.

You get my support but I wouldn’t expect a quick resolution on this

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Here is @ytsruh’s old post: Show Exchange rates & USD cost per share in Contract Notes

I wonder if the votes can be merged to highlight the community support for this.