Order Confirmation Screen

I think the Price shown in Freetrade is the mid point between the Bid and Ask Prices

For reference Hargreaves lansdown currently show bid of 135 and ask of 138, so It’s possible that 3.8% was just the spread at the time?

Although it would be good to have a confirmation screen so you know how much you are paying


I don’t see where you got 3.8% from? 138/135 is 102.22?

Hi no its really not possible, i use yahoo live prices, my trades with HL match every time. It’s only here that doesn’t correlate. I cant make trades if I’m looking at a current price (live) which makes me profit or lets me buy a good price only to have all that taken away by not knowing what price per share my trade will go through at.

Really just wanting to know if confirmed prices is coming. Then I can make my own decision about using freetrade. Like i say i would rather pay a commission or something to make sure. The last trade i did the difference was £100 and its always negative not better

Hi again, my maths may be a little off, but im rushing because this has really annoyed me today. I’ll try to calm. But when a live price is 135.22 and i can buy at that price confirmed on other trading websites i dont want to be charged 138 on FT.

Yahoo prices are also delayed, less so than free trade but still not truly live. Just under the price it says “delayed quote”

I would like to see confirmed prices too but I don’t think this one is the fault of Freetrade. The screenshot above shows a pretty volatile stock due to diminished liquidity.

They are almost live. Google made live pricing available in 2012 for the LSE.

Again thanks for replying but obviously we are looking at the prices at different times. As i say though, HL match what yahoo shows me every time. Plus it has confirmed prices.

I get that it’s not FT fault but im now unable to trade as im not sure if it will be a loss or a profit. Just when you do a lot of trades it really really starts to add up.

Yeah there are places to get truly live prices, google seems reasonable. I’d just suggest one that wasn’t labelled “delayed” :smiley:

The price you received for the trade executed does not look unreasonable based on the liquidity of the stock that day and the actual executed prices. Did HL provide you a better confirmed price at the time?

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yes i even did a fake trade on hl to see their confirmed price at the same time.

FT doesn’t allow for min by min fluctuations in price because you can’t confirm. If HL can sell to me at the yahoo app current price which was 135.22 and freetrade come in at 138 I lose what im trying to achieve.

£3500 at 135.22 = 2588 shares
£3500 at 138 on FT = 2540

Thats massive, all because you have to rely on what price FT puts the trade through at but where does this price per share come from? 138 was a price that was 10minutes old

We need limit orders asap :slight_smile:


Thankfully it’s on the roadmap. I really need it.


Yahoo is also delayed. Google is probably closest. Best would be to check on LSE for your trade what price you have got and what other trades around same time have received.

Seems like everyone is wanting this.

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Yup, averaging down turns often turns into averaging up. Keeping my fingers crossed doesn’t help either :stuck_out_tongue:

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Does Yahoo show a Live price for this share? I’m seeing a 15 minute delayed price (I don’t subscribe to premium or anything, don’t really use Yahoo)

it’s just after 11:30, and the time on Yahoo chart shows up to 11:15

I think any control over the price the buy/sell executes at would be a massive improvement.

Even if that means having very short lived limit order that apply for that specific buy/sell transaction. It could literally ask you for the “maximum buy price” for buys or “minimum sell price” for sells on the order screen.

Sure you could argue it’s a bit “hacky” but as the saying goes “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good”.

After all there’s nothing stopping the addition of longer lived limit orders than span whatever period you want.

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Voted on yours greg as yours has more attention.

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What time today (to the second if known) did you execute this trade?
I can see all trade and quote market maker activity today and check it out for you.
I’m curious. @BaxterLeFuture3

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