Order. Not executed

Price on the 1 stock (look screenshot) is above my limit order - sell but its still not executed.

Can anyone have similar problems? I think someone from FT have to sort this out ASAP.

Check the bid ask spread?

U mean transaction cost? Commission is £0.00 / I can see on certificate £0.00 when buy and £0.00 when sell… So should be executed straight away.

Bid is still at .0090 so technically it hasn’t gone over I guess.

freetrade doesn’t show bid and ask prices but you can see them here

Edit: I’ve mentioned before but I think Freetrade should show bid and ask. showing a single price might look simpler at a glance but it causes confusion IMO, and also leads to new investors who don’t necessarily know about spreads buying things with a spread of 5% or more


Completely agree @Dave

I think my first message to :freetrade: was requesting bid-ask spread on shares. It might be a little more complicated but maybe they could rename it buy/sell for the sake of simplicity. At least then it is clear.

They really should have introduced it with live pricing. The data has to be there but needs displaying